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A USA - L-1 Visa can briefly be divided into two categories. The two categories of USA - L-1 Visa are US - L-1A Visa and the US - L-1B Visa. Both the types of USA - L-1 Visa are covered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.


They relate to an employee seeking permission for temporary employment in the United States of America. An employer initiates the process when an employee is required to undergo intracompany transfer.


In every case, the company may or may have an office in the United States of America. Priority is for the company that has a physical office in the country; however, companies looking to open a new office can also initiate the process to secure a USA - L-1 Visa for their employees.


US - L-1A Visa applies to employees who are at the managerial or executive position in the company. Their responsibilities include making key decisions for the company, supervising employees, and controlling the final output of the business process.


US - L-1B Visa deals with employees who possess specialized knowledge about a field. The knowledge can be about the process, product, or services of the company. This is widely referred to by the Information Technology sector.


A USA - L-1 Visa states requirements for both employers and employees. These requirements must be duly met to successfully process the application for the USA - L-1 Visa.


In general, USA - L-1 Visa requires an employer to have a relationship with the company that qualifies under the law. An employee must have been employed by the employer to secure the USA - L-1 Visa.

Who Can Get A US - L-1 Visa?

The process to obtain a USA - L-1 Visa begins when an employer files a petition to obtain authorization, seeking permission to let the employee work in the United States of America for a while.

  • An applicant who holds a position in a managerial or executive role can get a USA - L-1 Visa.
  • A person with specialized knowledge can also secure a USA - L-1 Visa from US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

There are technically no other criteria set by US Citizenship and Immigration Services for the applicants. However, some legal compliances must be kept in mind. These include:


  • Employer and Employee must be a part of the company.
  • The employee must have been hired by the employer.
  • The company must have a physical location in the United States of America unless it is planning to open a new office in another part of the country.

It is considered to be a very easy task to obtain a USA - L-1 Visa when compared with other types of Visas.

How To Apply For A US - L-1 Visa?

One can apply for a USA - L-1 Visa only through his or her employer. The entire process happens over the internet. You can visit the office but there may be certain restrictions in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Here are the steps to apply for a USA - L-1 Visa.


  • Pick up Form I-129, Petition For A Nonimmigrant Worker.
  • Review it thoroughly and understand every column of Form I-129.
  • Fill in the details and sign at the end. Be careful as a minor restriction can get your form for a USA - L-1 Visa rejected by the relevant authorities.
  • Provide documents that are required to be attached along with the form. Avoid submitting original copies of the documents unless it has been specifically mentioned in the form.
  • You may be required to make a duplicate copy of the form and submit it separately. You can also make a copy of the form for your reference.

Once done, submit the form and wait for further correspondence from the side of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.


It is normally followed by the department sending notices to the applicant. These notices deal with conveying that they have received the form. They also serve the purpose of informing the applicant about his or her biometric and interview process.

Eligibility And Documents For A US - L-1 Visa

Documents for a USA - L-1 Visa include submission of a recently clicked photo along with a copy of the applicant’s US passport. Additionally, he or she may be required to submit documents in the form of evidence for the information mentioned in the application of the USA - L-1 Visa.

Eligibility criteria differ for a US - L-1A Visa and US - L-1B Visa. We will review them separately for a better understanding.

Following are the eligibility criteria to secure the US - L-1A Visa:

Following are the eligibility criteria to secure a US - L-1B Visa:

Definitions for Manager, Executive, and Specialized Knowledge can also be looked up at the website of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Advantages Of A US - L-1 Visa

Like many other work visas, the USA - L-1 Visa has also got its drawbacks. Advantages of USA - L-1 Visa, however, weigh more than disadvantages.

Some of the advantages of USA - L-1 Visa are as follows:


  • Candidates of USA - L-1 Visa do not require an offer letter from the company. The Visa only deals with the intracompany transfer. Initiation by the employer suffices the purpose.
  • There is no limit to how many USA - L-1 Visas are approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. This means that the window remains wide open for the candidates. The rejection rate is fairly lower, subject to the payment of the fee and filling the form.
  • It is easier to secure a USA - L-1 Visa. Requirements for a USA - L-1 Visa is vague. There is no specification like you must hold a particular degree or have a specified income.
  • After obtaining a USA - L-1 Visa, you can pursue permanent residence in the United States of America. This is in sharp contrast to other types of Visas.
  • A USA - L-1 Visa opens the doors for spouses and dependents. They can also move to the country and seek employment.
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No requirement of a specific degree is a blessing. You can simply be employed at a managerial or executive position and yet seek intracompany transfer through your employer.

Filing Guidance For A US - L-1 Visa

Filing guidance for a USA - L-1 Visa consists of tips for filling the form, submitting it to the department, and changing your details in the form after you have submitted it. The section also covers more points in detail. Let us review these points.

Form Filing Tips

Whether online or offline, you must carefully fill the form. It is easier to correct an online form. The same does not apply to an offline form. You have to start over with another form if you make a mistake.

Sign the form at the end. A form without a signature is rejected without any debate. Check for the version of the form that you are filling. It may have been updated by US Citizenship and Immigration Services by the time you decide to apply.

Your writing must be legible. Use black ink only and avoid using a highlighter or tape. Mark the nature of submission at the front of the envelope. Submission can have a new form or in response to a query raised by the department.

Forms By Mail

The current arrangement meets only the requirements of applying through the official website of US Citizenship and Immigration Services. You are required to set up an account on the website before filling the form.


Individuals can access offline services once they are available. Professionals must stick to their normal source of the application. This generally refers to the company’s department that is handling intracompany transfers of its employees.


Candidates who opt to fill the form offline still have to perform certain actions on the website. These include selecting the form & its quantity and generating mailing labels. Candidates can enter the name and quantity of their form separately if it does not appear in the drop-down menu.

Expedite Request

US Citizenship and Immigration Services considers Expedite Requests. Authorities review all the requests on a case-by-case basis. They retain the sole discretion of accepting or rejecting such requests for a USA - L-1 Visa.

Authorities consider Expedite Request under these conditions:


  • The company has suffered a lot of financial loss and it can demonstrate it through its books of accounts.
  • Emergency reasons
  • A Non-Profit Organization whose interest is in favor of the culture of the United States of America.
  • Clears USCIS error
  • Meets the interests of the Government of the United States of America. This often relates to the Department of Defense, Department of Labor, or national security interest.

Preparing For Your Biometric Appointment

Your Biometric Appointment would be scheduled at a local Application Support Center, also known as ASC.


You receive a notice for the same after your application for the USA - L-1 Visa has been accepted. US Citizenship and Immigration services send the notice mentioning the date, time, and location of your Biometric Appointment.


The date and time of the appointment can be rescheduled. You only have to call to reschedule your appointment. Do not send a physical mail as the department accepts only calls to reschedule your biometric appointment for a USA - L-1 Visa.


At present, the local Application Support Center in Alexandria (VA) is non-operational due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


A biometric appointment helps the authorities to confirm your identity and run a background check on you. They look into your past criminal record and overall behavior in the country of origin.

Changing Address

Address once entered in the USA - L-1 Visa form can be changed in the future. It is important to update your address in the records of US Citizenship and Immigration Services to get correspondence to the correct address.


You are also required to update the address with USPS. You can update your address in two ways:


  • Through your online account by visiting the relevant section of your profile.
  • Filing Form AR-11

The general practice is to create an online account and make changes there itself. However, filing the form also updates your address everywhere in the records of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Tracking Card Delivery

Tracking the status of your card delivery helps you to make arrangements to collect the parcel. You can sign up for updates while filing the USA - L-1 Visa form on the internet. You would receive automatic updates from the department at every step.


You can also register for updates with USPS through Informed Delivery. The feature enables you to track your package and leave delivery instructions for the staff. For instance, you can ask the delivery staff to leave your package with your parents at home, or your neighbors living next door.


Alerts are sent over email and text, based on what you have opted for at the time of signing up for the updates. In case you receive an update saying that the parcel has been delivered but you do not see it, then get in touch with US Citizenship and Immigration Services and USPS.

Paperwork Reduction Act

The act is currently under the process of being drafted. The final version will be made available once it has been approved by OMB. Revision and extension of the USA - L-1 Visa form under this act will be done after receiving all the approvals.

Filing Fees For A US - L-1 Visa

Filing Fees for the USA - L-1 Visa differs based on the types and number of forms you are applying for with the department. Some instructions remain the same irrespective of which form you are using.

Fee Schedule

Candidates for the USA - L-1 Visa are required to pay the fee within 30 days from the receipt of the notice. Dates would always be mentioned in the format mm/dd/yy.


Pay the correct amount of fee to avoid getting rejected. Many forms for the USA - L-1 Visa are rejected because applicants misunderstand how much they have to pay. The total amount would include fees for US Citizenship and Immigration Services along with Biometric Process.

Fee Calculator

The website of US Citizenship and Immigration Services offers tools to all applicants. One of them is a Fee Calculator. It asks you a few questions to share the amount of fee that you have to pay.


In certain cases, applicants may be required to pay a fixed amount. The Fee Calculator skips asking the questions to directly inform you of the amount that is due to be paid.


USCIS Immigration Fee

A fee that is paid towards the USCIS Immigrant Fee is used to process a candidate’s packet for the USA - L-1 Visa. You are required to pay this fee only if you are immigrating as a lawful permanent resident of the United States of America.


The fee is required to be online through the latest version of a browser. Payment of USCIS Immigrant Fee becomes due after you receive the USA - L-1 Visa and before you depart for the country.


Poverty Guidelines

Guidelines towards the financial condition of a candidate are solely decided by the Federal and State authorities. The definitions and conditions are subject to change.


The guidelines are covered under Form I-864P, I-912P, and I-942P. You can apply for a fee waiver or reduction if you qualify for Poverty Guidelines of the USA - L-1 Visa.

Fee Waiver Guidelines

The fee for the application of the USA - L-1 Visa can be waived by the authorities. Candidates must demonstrate reasonable grounds for the same.


Reasonable grounds include:

  • Experiencing hardships
  • Receiving means-tested benefits
  • Total household income is below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

Additional Information

A list of additional information towards the USA - L-1 Visa application include:


  • Using English translation of the form
  • Mentioning the name of the legal guardian of a physically disabled candidate
  • Providing every other mandatory information

Forms Updates For The US - L-1 Visa

These are the updates that you often receive during the process of the USA - L-1 Visa application.

2D Barcode Requirement

Such requirements are specified by the third-party vendor. They are important to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the Lockbox.

Lockbox Filing Location Updates

The location of a Lockbox Filing may be revised to maintain the incoming workload. This also helps to improve the internal process of the USA - L-1 Visa application.

Workload Transfer Updates

Your case may be transferred to another center to ensure the timely processing of the USA - L-1 Visa application. In such a case, your receipt number remains the same and the process is not delayed.

Try to stay on the look by signing up for updates. Connect with your employer who is overlooking the process of the USA - L-1 Visa application.

We offer an outcome-based pricing and are very confident that we can get the result you desire, however in the event of no approval, we will provide a full refund (100%).

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified legal or immigration expert. If you require any specific legal or immigration advice, you can seek the service by filling in the contact us form here. All rights reserved.

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